How to dress as Princess Leia? Here’s how to make your own red dress

What if you’re Princess Leia, but you’re just not ready to go full-on red?

There’s no shortage of dress options out there, and this dress tutorial will show you how to dress her in the most flattering way.

From the iconic red dress to a simple, simple skirt, there’s a dress that will have everyone talking.

You’ll need to choose from a range of different styles, but we’ve found the dress we’re using here to be the best of the lot.

Dressmaker Kate Haggerty explains how to find the perfect fit and finish in this guide.1.

Choose your own colour for the dress You’re going to need a few different colours to work with.

First up is the classic red dress, which you can pick from the collection above or from the online store for £80.

If you want to go a more festive touch, you can try adding in a pair of white blouses, black pants or a blazer.

Or you can choose to go all-in with a traditional red dress made from a blend of rose, lavender and yellow fabrics.2.

Get creative with the colour choice Once you’ve picked your fabric, it’s time to get creative with how you choose to create the colours.

You could opt for a classic red colour or add a bit of pink and gold for a sparkle.

Then you can change the pattern to suit your own personal tastes and your surroundings.

To create a subtle red dress from scratch, Kate Hagansey explains how.3.

Cut out the bodiceThe bodice should be made from sheer white cotton, which is a good choice if you want a casual look but don’t want to make it too big.

But if you prefer to go for something more fitted, you could choose to use a sheer-cut version of the bodie, or even just buy a sheer bodice from your local fabric shop.4.

Select your accessoriesTo make your dress look more professional, Kate tells us how to create a simple white belt and an optional skirt for your favourite character.


Cut it out and put it on1.

Create your dress’s bodiceFirst, decide what kind of bodice you want, and then cut it out using a standard ruler.

Make sure you use a sharp knife and not a chisel.

If your fabric is too thin, you may need to cut it more.2: Cut the skirtThis will be the skirt, which should be about three to four inches wide, and about three inches high.

Cut the waistband with scissors to fit the top and bottom.3: Cut out your fabricThe bodysuit will be about two inches wide by two inches high, and you’ll need at least a size 14 waistband for this.

Kate Hagerty explains what to look for when you’re buying fabric.4: Create your bodice skirtOnce you’ve made your skirt, you’re going the extra mile and will need to make a number of small cuts on both sides of the dress.

You may want to use some scissors to make small, flat cuts on the sides of your skirt and a pair if you don’t have a machine for this, or you could use a straight edge to make the cuts.5: Cut your fabricOnce you have your skirt cut out, you’ll be ready to start making your bodices.

You can use any of the same fabrics you used to make her skirt, or buy a variety of fabrics to create your own custom colour.6: Cut it inhalfThe bodices can be made up of several sections, but here are some tips to help you decide which sections are most important to you: the centre, the skirt’s hemline and the skirt itself.7: Lay the skirt downCut out a bodice section, using a straight-edge.

Make a number on one side of the skirt with a pair scissors.

This will help you choose the right length to cut the bodices, and will also help to cut out the centre section of the silhouette.8: Lay it flatIf you want your bodies to look more fitted in, lay the bodies flat, as this will allow the bodysuits to be easier to make and to hold together.9: Pin the bodiced bodiceYou can pin the bodicess down in the bodichist with a pin or thread.10: Cut and sewThe bodiced skirt and bodice will be pinned down together with thread, then you’ll sew the seams closed.

You should be left with a bodied bodice which is ready to wear.1 / 3: How to make Princess Leia a princess dress: 1.

Choose a dress you want from the princess dress collection Kate Haggarty explains how in this tutorial:Princess Leia: The red dress is the most popular dress in the film franchise, with over 3.6 billion views on YouTube, and there are many other