How to get a ‘tied dye dress’ on sale for $1,999 on Fox News Channel

Tie dyes are becoming increasingly popular among the younger generations.

Fox News anchor Meghan McCain, whose family owns a store in New York, recently showed off a pair of “tied dyes” she purchased in a store near her home in Las Vegas.

The “tangled” designs are inspired by “the Chinese and the European culture,” McCain said.

“And they’re pretty cool.”

McCain’s family has been selling the “tying dye dresses” at the store for years, but McCain says she has never done any sales.

She said she is “absolutely” happy to do so now because the dyes “make it look really cool.”

The dyes were first created in the 19th century and have since become a favorite among fashion aficionados.

The dents, creases, and twists are usually meant to accentuate the shape of the dress.

“It’s definitely a different way of wearing the dress, but it’s a pretty fun way of looking at it,” McCain told The Associated Press.

McCain’s daughter-in-law, Jennifer, says the dress looks more natural when worn with a blouse and skirts.

“I just love it,” Jennifer said.

McCain is not the first to make a trend out of the dye.

A similar fashion trend for tie dyes popped up in 2007 when Victoria Beckham, who also has a fashion brand, Victoria Beckham Collection, wore a “tangle” gown at a fashion show in London.

Beckham wore it topless.

“When she was there, they made a little bow with it, and then they had it printed on a dress and people were like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so much better than the traditional dress,'” said Heidi Fleischer, a fashion writer for Vogue.

“That was a little more subversive.”

Fleischer said Beckham’s choice to wear the gown in London was not an oversight, but rather a “glamorous way of expressing herself.”

“When you see people wearing this dress, you don’t think, ‘I’m not going to wear this,’ but you’re like, this is really cool,” Fleischer added.

“What’s the big deal?

People are always dressing differently.”

Fleisher said she thought Beckham had overplayed her hand with the dress and should have been more conscious about how she chose to dress.

Fleischer says Beckham’s dyes look more natural in person and can be worn in more outfits.

“She does have this ability to wear these things, and it’s definitely the right thing to do,” Fleisher added.

McCain says that when she wears the “tie dye dress” in public, people tend to “look at her as, ‘That’s my daughter.'”

McCain is “just very protective” of her daughter, and says she would prefer if she had her own style guide.

McCain has been wearing the “Tangled” dress for about five years, although she has yet to sell any of it.

She’s not sure if she will be buying another pair, but she hopes to soon.

“There’s nothing like a new look that is totally unique,” McCain says.

“Tied dys are really fun, and if you don`t like them, you should wear a different one.

It’s just a little bit of a trend right now.”