How to wear a sexy black maxi in Target’s new dress

Target has released a new black maxis for the fall that’s sure to grab the attention of shoppers.

The brand has been teasing the new dresses since May and will begin selling the dresses at select retailers this week.

The dress features a soft tulle and lace detailing that’s a bit more feminine than its past iterations, but the look remains “feminine” and “affordable,” Target said in a statement.

“Our goal with the new Black Maxi Dress is to provide women of all shapes and sizes with a new way to express themselves in everyday wear,” the brand said.

“Black maxi dresses are the ultimate in feminine style and this new collection will give them the confidence to express their inner beauty.”

Target has partnered with American Apparel to create the Black Maxis, which feature a “feminist twist” in the style and design.

The dresses feature a floral motif, a bright color palette and a soft-touch, mesh waistband.

The Black Maxifes are priced at $99 each, with shipping included.

Target also announced this week that it will be releasing two new dresses that it says are “the most stylish, comfortable and versatile dress for the season.”

The first of these, the A-Line, is priced at just $129.

The second, the G-Line Black Maxin, is slated to be available for purchase on October 6.