How to wear your wedding dress on the wedding day

If you’ve ever been in a dress and wanted to know how to get it on, here’s how. 

For those of you who have never worn a wedding dress, here are the steps to follow:1.

Lay your dress flat in front of you and look for the fabric of the fabric.2.

Flip the dress over, looking for the hem.3.

Slide the hem back over the top of the dress.4.

Slide it back up to the top.5.

Flip it over again, looking at the bottom.6.

Flip a few times and look to see if the hem is sticking out.7.

Flip again, then reverse it.8.

Flip, then fold the hem over.9.

Flip over again.10.

Flip and fold.11.


Flip under the hem again.13.

Repeat this process until all the fabric has been folded and is ready to be worn.14.

When you’ve finished the hem, put your wedding band on.15.

When it is time to wear, simply lay your dress on top of it, and slip the band on to keep the dress firmly on. 

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