‘I’m a big fan of a dresser, not a purse’: Woman says she wants her dresser replaced

A woman says she plans to replace her dressers and purses with plastic, in order to save money.

Shannon Taylor told ABC News that she bought her dressERS, which include a stand-up desk and a vanity, at a Target store in Florida in February, and is now looking for alternatives.

She said that since the change, she has been spending more time shopping online.

“I have to say, I feel better about myself.

I feel like I’m more attractive, more confident, more stylish,” Taylor said.

Taylor said she would prefer to keep her dressERs for personal use, but that it would make sense to save the plastic for a purse.

She said she has a few options to save on the cost of her dressERO, which is $35, which she said she plans on using for other things, such as a new dress.

“So my idea is to just keep it for a little while, get a lot of people to buy them, and hopefully they’ll have them for their own needs and to save some money,” Taylor told the network.

In addition to plastic dressERS , Taylor also has a “dressing” box that can hold a purse, a dressER, and a mirror.