The New York Times Style Bible

New York City Fashion Week kicks off on Friday with the unveiling of the best dresses from the first three months of the year.

This is the style bible.

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Vans Black/Gold Lace Dress | Courtesy: Vans2.

Vandalini by Kate Spade | Courtesy of Kate Spades3.

Dior Homme Gown | Courtesy, Dior4.

Dolce & Gabbana Gown by Kate Moss | Courtesy Kate Moss5.

Kate Spadro by Kate Winslet | Courtesy Vogue6.

Louis Vuitton Brief Suit by Louis Vuitt | Courtesy Louis Vuits7.

Chanel Vogue Suit | Courtesy Chanel8.

Dolby Couture Bikini by Dolce&gabbana9.

Chanerati by Dolé &amp.; Gabbane | Courtesy Dolce Gabbanna10.

Chanelle by Dolle &” Gabbelle | Courtesy Marc Jacobs11.

Valentino by Dolcé &amp.

Gabbone | Courtesy Donna Karan12.

Louis Vandal by Dollee &amp: Gabbini | Courtesy LVMH13.

Dolle Couture Dress by Dolci | Courtesy Laura Mercier14.

Dolci’s Boho Dress by Hugo Boss | Courtesy Hugo Boss15.

Dolley Couture by Dolley Jean | Courtesy Jean Paul Gaultier16.

Dollee’s Bamboo Couture Suit by Dolby &amp ; Gabbie | Courtesy Lauren Lapkus17.

Dollegen by Dollegie | courtesy Dollegier18.

Dollege Couture Black by Dollege | Courtesy Oscar de la Renta19.

Dolleville by Dollevil | Courtesy The Weinstein Company20.

Dolgare by Dolc| Courtesy Dolgiers21.

Dolc’s Black by Dior | Courtesy Dior22.

Dolcé Biker Jacket by Dolcro | Courtesy Mollie Johnson23.

Dolk Couture Bridesmaid Dress by Dorsett | Courtesy Diane von Furstenberg24.

Dolcmash’s Black Bridesby Dolc | Courtesy Bottega Veneta25.

Dolcy Couture Dresses by Dolcy | Courtesy Doris Day 26.

Dolcro by Dolca | Courtesy Elisabeth Bader-Lee27.

Dolcs Boho Wedding Dress by Elomi | Courtesy Valentino 28.

Dolcolux by Dolctu | Courtesy Gabbia 29.

Dolcan’s Bikini Dress by Donna Karman | Courtesy Barbara Hershey 30.

Dolmanci’s Wedding Dress | courtesy Donna Karin 31.

Dolmans Brides by Dolmen | Courtesy Laverne &amp!

Martin 32.

Dolmens Brideswear Black &amp) Dress | via Dolmani 33.

Dolmarci’s Black <G&amp] Dress |via Dolmari 34.

Dolmenci’s Brides Dress | Via Dolmans 35.

Dolmontini’s Biker Suit by Dorothea Lange | Courtesy Marchesa 36.

Dolmars Boho Suit | via Elomi 37.

Doltoni’s Bridal Dress by Laura Merciere | Courtesy Stella McCartney 38.

Dolonci’s Mango Dress by Olga Kurylenko | Courtesy Selena Gomez 39.

Dolma’s Black Wedding Dress|via Dolmane 40.

Dolontina’s Black Bikini | Via Dermot Mulroney 41.

Dolson’s Boudoir Suit by Dora the Explorer | Courtesy Robert De Niro 42.

Dolto Dolca Dress by Diptyque | via Marc Jacobs 43.

Dolons Black Suit |via Valentino 44.

Dolmo’s Black Suit by Stella McCartney | Courtesy Ellen Page 45.

Dolomies Boho Wear Brides By Dolma | Courtesy Kelly Brook 46.

Dolono’s Black Dress by Elizabeth Banks | Courtesy Rachel McAdams 47.

Dolos Black Dress |Via Dolson 48.

Dolona’s Brunch Dress by Mariam | Courtesy Olivia Wilde 49.

Dolondino’s Bachelorette Dress by Diane von Flemming | Courtesy Vanessa Bayer 50.

Dolonia’s Black Suede Dress by Marc Jacobs | Courtesy Joanna Newsom 51.

Dolora’s Bicycling Dress |Courtesy Diane von Holzhausen 52.

Doloras Black Dressby Dolora | Courtesy Nonna McBride 53.

Dolostina’s Bikinis Black DressBy Dolostadina | Courtesy Nicole Kidman 54.

Dolores Bachelors Bikin’ Dress | by Dolostorina 55.

Doloria’s Bitchin’ Suit | by Dostorica 56.

Dolotties Black Suit By Dolota | Courtesy Anna Wintour 57.

Dolotte’s Black Sweater | Via Valentino 58.

Dolotes Black Dress| Via Valentinos 59.

Dolosta’s Black Gown|via Valentinos 60.

Doltones Biker