This sexy dress is perfect for a party

By Sarah FruinThe last few years have seen the rise of a new trend, the silk dress.

Nowadays, many fashion designers are using the dress as a source of inspiration for new trends, from a more modern take on the traditional dress, to the vintage style, and the new modern interpretation.

This summer, we’ve seen a number of designers incorporating silk dresses into their collections, as a way to dress up their designs for the occasion, and for the client.

Here’s our list of our favourite silk dresses to dress as the perfect party dress.

The top five silk dresses for party season are:This beautiful silk dress from the designer Kiehl’s is perfect as the party dress for a night out.

The dress is made from a blend of satin and cotton and comes with a satin skirt and a pair of matching thigh high heels.

This designer silk dress is available in a classic black, red, or white color scheme, and is made to look like a traditional silk dress (in the classic sense of the word).

This dress is also available in one of three lengths, which is flattering for the event and will help you look elegant and classy.

This elegant silk dress has been created to suit the occasion.

It has a soft satin lining and is finished with a floral satin ribbon and lace details.

The designer silk cocktail dress has a classic and classic-inspired look.

It is a beautiful way to take the party to the next level and gives a sophisticated look.

The dress comes in a soft-matte black and comes in the option of a classic red, white, or black color scheme.

This dress has beautiful lace details and a silk waistband, with a velvet lining.

The designer silk lace cocktail dress is very popular and has been made to make guests feel elegant.

The silk cocktail is perfect to wear for the party.

The design features a satiny lace neckline and a satine skirt with a matching hemline.

The designers satin lace cocktail dresses are a classic, classic look that will suit a party with an emphasis on the modern elements.

The Designer silk cocktail dresses come in three lengths: The classic black is available as a traditional black, and comes paired with a black satin ribcage and a black lace collar.

The red, red-and-white comes in two different color options, and it is paired with an ivory collar and satin detail.

The pink velvet cocktail dress features a lovely satiny collar and a velvet waistband that is finished off with a pink satin trim.

The red velvet cocktail is a modern look with a beautiful satiny detail on the skirt.

The silk details on the fabric make the skirt look glamorous and romantic.

This is a silk dress that has a satinous lace detail on one side.

The length of the dress is 32 inches, which will help create a very flattering silhouette for a lady.

The velvet dress from designer Saks Fifth Avenue has been designed to look feminine and classy, and has a lace detail that looks great on the body.

The lace detail is lined with satin, and a red satin collar.

This designer silk silk cocktail has a lovely lace detail.

There are some great silk dresses available for the ladies to choose from, from designer labels such as Bottega Veneta, Dior, and Gucci.

There are also some elegant silk dresses from designers such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dolce and Gabbanna.

For more elegant options, check out our list on the best silk dresses in town for a more glamorous look.