What’s the secret to making the best tie dye dresser?

A new tie dye machine has been invented by a company based in China that makes them in a factory for just $6.

A pair of matching black and white striped tuxedo dresses are priced at $3,500.

The $6 machine is a step up from other tie dye machines.

The new machine, the iikea Malm dressers, is a high-tech version of the popular tie dye system, which was developed by an American company, the company said in a news release.

It has a larger capacity to handle more dye dye, according to the company.

It has an automatic system that detects and adjusts the color of the dye as it moves around the garment, and also lets the wearer change the color at the touch of a button.

While the company claims it can produce the same results as the original machine, it has not made the same claims, including that it does not require a specific type of dye, the news release said.

Dye is used for everything from tie dye to a wide variety of fabrics.

The most commonly used dye is synthetic dye, which can be made by adding dye to water.

Other types of dye include natural or artificial, but synthetic is a more expensive option.

The dye can also be used in jewelry, or even a dress, the companies said.

The machines are not meant to be a substitute for a professional tailor.

“The most important thing is that you do not go into a shop and look at the machine and think ‘I want to buy a tie dye,'” said Rob Nadel, chief operating officer at iikeasmall.com, which sells tie dye.

For the company, making the new machines was a natural step, as it was able to make more of its dye, said Steve Giannotti, the head of manufacturing at ikeasmalls.com.

They are also cheaper than other tie dyes.

The company, which makes tie dye for other brands, made a $3 million investment in 2015 to create a tie dye machine, according a news article.

Giannotti said the company is now making more of the machines.

That investment will allow it to increase the number of machines in its manufacturing, the story said.