When you’re the first lady, you get to wear a pink dress to your wedding

The first lady has been wearing a pink wedding dress to every inauguration since Barack Obama took office, but not every first lady likes it.

This year, Melania Trump will wear a white, black, and red dress to her husband’s inauguration, according to the Associated Press.

Melania Trump has worn the dress to all of her husband Donald Trump’s inauguration speeches.

She has worn it on at least two occasions.

First, Melania wore the dress during a speech in early January.

Melania wore it during her husband, Donald Trump, inauguration in early February, as well.

In late February, Melania and her husband were photographed sitting in a pink tuxedo, which they later posted on Instagram.

Melania later posted a video of her with the dress.

The Trump administration has been criticized for not including the dress in its official inauguration gowns.

According to a White House statement, the dress was chosen because it was designed by designer Gloria Steinem and is the “most historically significant” dress in American history.

Melania is the first First Lady to wear the dress at every inauguration.

In January, she wore a dress to a Trump rally.

In early February she wore the pink dress.

At the end of February, she was photographed with the gown, and in early March, she posted a selfie wearing the dress on Instagram and Twitter.

On March 6, she gave a speech to the National Governors Association, wearing the pink gown.