Why does a dress code matter?

Fox Sports explains what the dress code actually means, and why a dress must be “white.”

The latest from SportsLine and Fox Sports:A dress code is a requirement to show respect for people of different races and cultures.

If a dress doesn’t match a person’s race, or it is a way of getting away with being disrespectful, it is deemed unacceptable and a violation of the dresscode.

For example, if a woman wears a white dress to a business meeting, that is considered inappropriate, because it’s seen as “too casual.”

This is also a violation if she dresses too aggressively in a professional setting, or if she wears a dress that doesn’t fit.

The dress code also applies to sports.

It is mandatory for women to wear a “sports bra,” which requires a bra that fits well and doesn’t have holes.

Women’s athletic attire is also not allowed in the locker room, but is permitted in other areas.

If you have questions about the dress codes, the Fox Sports Women’s Health Team is here to help.